Pneumatic Conveying Systems

KARYASIDDDHI offers a wide range of pneumatic conveying systems ranging from single-point "pick up-and-drop in" pneumatic conveyor to cross-plant systems providing multiple pick-up and discharge or drop points with fully automation controlled for effectively handling a wide range of bulk conveying applications. All our pneumatic conveying systems are precision-engineered to customized requirements and integrates fully with other equipment and systems, either new or existing process.

Our pneumatic conveying systems is effective in moving bulk materials that are suspended in an air stream produced by an upstream pressure blower of material intake points, or by a vacuum pump that removes air from the system downstream of material discharge points. Material is separated from the conveying air at the end use point, then discharged on a batch basis via butterfly or slide gate valves, or continuously via rotary airlock valves.

Simple routing of conveyor line
Our pneumatic conveying systems are easy to integrate into production environments where process equipment or other obstacles often exist.
Consumes minimal floor space, as conveyor lines can be routed vertically and in any horizontal direction, over short or long distances, through small holes in walls or ceilings,

one conveyor for many

Wide range of powders having bulk densities, also flakes, pellets, capsules, tablets and other  powdery, dusty, chalky, soft; 
dry, crisp, brittle, pulverulent, levigated materials, can be handled by our single pneumatic conveyor, providing the flexibility needed to transport multiple ingredients.

Complete evacuation system
Our pneumatic conveying systems fully evacuate the material from the vessel being discharged and the conveyor line itself, which reduces cross-contamination of multi-ingredient systems. material is Completely transferred thus ensuring individual and consolidated batch ingredients reach their destinations accurately by weight, maximizing quality while minimizing waste.

Wide capacity
With our pneumatic conveyor, capacity can range from several pounds to tens of tons per hour, capable of feeding any destination from small packaging lines to silos and rail cars. Additionally, excessive fluctuations in the feed rate — resulting in overloading or under loading — will not damage the system. 

Enclosed system prevents contamination
our pneumatic conveying system are fully enclosed and dust-free, preventing contamination of the product and plant environment, making it possible to safely transfer contamination-sensitive materials including dusty and hazardous products. 

Easy maintenance High reliability

KARYASIDDHI Pneumatic conveying systems is easy-to-maintain having filter receivers with access doors and inspection ports, as well as rotary airlock valves with optional rotor support bars for easy access, cleaning and inspection.

Mobility and custom designed configurations

Our Self-contained PNEUMATIC conveying systems offers complete system with feed hopper and/or pick-up wand, blower unit, filter receiver and control package, pre-engineered and configured on caster-mounted frames for in-plant mobility.

Designed, constructed and finished to industrial and sanitary standards

KARYASIDDDHI PNEUMATIC conveying systems are available in carbon steel with durable industrial finishes, or stainless steel finished to standards required for industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications. Available upgrades include quick-access and quick-disconnect fitments.


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